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    Series 60 vs 2 Java Security Ranting and Question

    Why are the only options for Read and Edit user data with a Nokia 6630 only "Not allowed" and "Ask Every Time"


    Why do they not have a "Ask first time" or even better, why not "Always Allow?".

    I don't get this. First of all, the popup box does not say which file is being read. So there is no point in having to always ask since the user has no idea which file is being read. If they say ok to one file, why not let them say ok to all files since they do not know which ones the program is reading anyways.

    Secondly, there is no restrictions on this with C++ applications. So if someone wanted to write malicious code for this device they would write a C++ application. So all this seems to do is make the user life hard and still leave the door open to the file system with C++ applications.

    So does anyone know of any hacks that can be installed on a Symbian Series 60 vs 2 phone that would let me select "ask first time" or "always ask"?

    Is it possible to replace system class files on Symbian? I wouldn't mind decompiling the class files, striping out the check, compiling the source, and putting on the phone.

    I spent an extra $250 to get this phone over a 6620 because it supported JSR-75 since I wanted to create my own Java applications for my personal use which accesses the file system. This program accesses the file system a lot and it is constantly asking me if I want to allow it to read the data. ARGH! This almost makes the application unusable!! Why bother putting in JSR-75 if it going to be so locked down that it is too annoying to use??

    Any one have any suggestions??

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    will signing remove the mandatory permission confirmation

    I wonder if a midlet is properly signed, then can we have options other than "not allowed" and "ask every time".

    IMHO, It is plainly stupid for not having "ask for first time" or "always allowed".

    Anyone with the knowledge please help.

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