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    Symbian OS 7 and SymbianLinker v2

    I own CodeWarrior 3 Professional and
    the "Targeting manual" is saying that is possible to use "Symbian Linker v2" when targeting SymbianOS 7 applications (page 54).

    How to setup the whole thing?! I tried to create a simple project by using the wizard, then switched to the Symbian Linker v2, but i got a plenty of errors!
    I setup EPOCROOT, but i've no idea on how to setup .cwlink files and other stuff.. ;(

    I'm using Series60_v20CW in order to be always right with 6600 compatibility, that's the main target platform.

    Thank you for your attention,

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    The SDK (scripts under epoc32\tools) sets up the project preferences. You can't just switch the linker selection becuase the preferences are completly different. And you certainly don't want to generate .cwlink files yourself, the importer scripts do this for you, but they are only used under the Symbian Linker v2.
    The rule is if you have a .pref file in your project you are using "Symbian Linker" and if you have a .cwlink file in your project you are using "Symbian Linker v2" and it's tied to the SDK release.


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