I'm a long time J2ME application developer, but I'm having problems using the S40 DP 2.0 SDK, 6255 Edition 1.0 with JBuilder.

For JBuilder in particular, usually all that is required is creating a new JDK, and applying it to your project. This works fine for all of Sun's SDK's, as well as the Nokia 3220 and 2.2 suite S40 emulators/wtks. However, when I try to compile a large project in JBuilder using this SDK, none of the java files recognize packages that are created by myself.

for example, say I'm working in the file "MyCanvas.java". In it I have a line:

import com.mystuff.misc.*;

This does not work in any case, however by simply switching to another SDK (including another Nokia one), I have no problems at all.

Has anyone else tackled this problem?