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    Touching files with CodeWarrior

    Hi all,

    i'm in need of "touching" files via the command line utility "cmdide.exe" that come with CodeWarrior Pro 3.
    My goal is to be able to force a rebuild of two files and all the dependancies of those two files.

    Anyone can help me?!

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    If you have to do this from the command line you might be able to script this using the CodeWarrior IDE APIs through COM, but the simplest way is probably to grab a freeware utility that modifies a file's timestamp and do it that way. Try googling for "freeware modify timestamp" or something like that to find some.


    Matt Pinsonneault
    Nokia Developer Support

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    I already tried modifying timestamp, but it work only sometimes, and only if the file is opened in the IDE.
    I have found a way, but it's a not-so-clean way

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