I am developing a Symbian C++ application to make an USSD request from Series 60 Phones. And i am using the Series 60 C++ SDK. My worry is : Is it, in the first place, feasible to make USSD request thru Series 60 C++ SDK?

If not possible, how come i am able to do that from my Nokia 7610 phone i.e. i can directly dial the USSD string(*123456789#) and it perfectly works. And also, that i can make USSD request from the "Contacts" application.

I believe the "Contacts" application is sitting on the phone memory(NOT the SIM memory) and if it can make USSD request, then C++ applications developed by 3rd party, sitting on the phone memory, can do the same.

My understanding is that Nokia would have used the Series 60 C++ SDK to develop the "Contacts" application. Similarly, there should be a way to make USSD from applications developed by Series 60 C++ SDK.

If Nokia is not exposing the "Supplementary Services(USSD)" API, how come it is allowed thru SIM Toolkit API? Is there any reason behind this?

Pls help.