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    Communication with native Symbian app on Nokia 7650

    I would like to be able to communicate from my MIDlet to a native Symbian app on the Nokia 7650. Given the restrictions of MIDP, I'm not sure if this is possible, so I'm open to ideas.

    Here are a couple ideas, but I don't know if they're feasible and I don't have a Nokia 7650 on which to test them:

    1. Have the native Symbian app listen for a local HTTP connection on an agreed upon port and have the MIDlet make an HttpConnection to (for example) http://localhost:7777. Do localhost connections from MIDlets work on the Nokia 7650?

    2. Write messages to RMS from the MIDlet and have the native Symbian app watch the record store for interprocess communications. This seems risky as I suppose the record store location and format could change with new firmware releases.

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    RE: Communication with native Symbian app on Nokia 7650

    due to JNI is not provided with MIDP, another way may be to use a comm: connection with a loopback interface (so u can use AT-commands and act as a modem), but i didnt think that this will be working...

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