The "known issues" document indicates that the "setCurrentItem" call doesn't work on the 6600 and some 6620's. The document claims that it fails to do what it is intended to do.

I'm seeing a MUCH worse behavior - if "setCurrentItem" is called, my Java MIDlet completely dies - shuts down without even a catchable exception or throwable.

This code:
	 * This is a utility function notifying the form that it has been displayed.
	 * It uses this information to cause the focus to be placed into the text
	 * entry field.
	public void activate()
		Display d = m_app.getDisplay();
		if (d != null && m_tfInput != null)
causes the app to die on my 6620 if the setCurrentItem line is left in. It works just fine if I comment that line out, and works just fine on lots of other phones. The "if" was put in there just to make sure I wasn't inadvertantly using "null" values - it's never been an issue on the other phones.

I have the line in there to ensure that focus gets set to the correct text field. Anybody have any work-arounds? Any way I can detect these particular phones at runtime and avoid calling this line?