Hello all.

I am trying to get started with the camera on the 6600. I have some questions, I hope someone could help me. I am very much in a rush to try and get a proof of concept together, so any suggestions are very welcome.

1 - Do I understand correctly that I can chose to use the 6600 camera plug in or not? It seems to me that the FilmReel example (on the Edwards & Barker book) does not require the plug-in. Is this correct?
If so, what advantages do the plug-in bring?

2 - I had a look at some example applications, and tried to build them on my machine. I am using SDK 2.0 (Symbian 7.0) with Borland C++ builder on winXP-SP2 and I have also installed the 6600 camera plug in. I get some strange results building and trying to run them on the phone:

FilmReel (from the book mentioned above) - it builds fine (both wins and thumb urel) and runs on the phone; there is a problem in saving the files because of a deprecated function - I understand that FilmReel is for SDK1.2

FilmReel2 (from the book mentioned above) - it apparently builds fine (apart from some warning from the linker about /PDBTYPE being no longer supported and /WARN3 unrecognized when building for wins - nothing when I build for thumb). However on the phone it does work at all, it seems like it crushes at the beginning, without even getting to display anything on screen.

I also tried to build and run the CameraSnapShot example in the 6600 plug-in and and the CameraApp from ForumNokia. With both I get a similar situation than with FilmReel2. For CameraApp I also tried to run the prebuilt phone application and it runs fine on the phone, but if I rebuild it on my machine it just crushes before displaying anything.

3 - I have seen on this post http://forum.newlc.com/viewtopic.php?t=2141 that the 6600 plug-in is not compatible with the Series 60 SDK 2.0 for Symbian OS supporting Borland C++Builder 6 which is exactly what I am using (!) and of course I have found this after installing the plug-in. Is this why the examples do not work? If so, and if I want to use the plug-in what would be the easiest way to go? Get rid of the Borland IDE and install another one? I am worried about conflicts..

Thank you in advance,