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    I have the problem about .ott files

    I'm producing game on both S40 and S60

    In S40 I using Nokia 5100 SDK 1.0 as device
    I can't play other file format except ott

    but the problem is I can't find any program that can convert normal audio formal (wav, mp3 or other) to ott

    actuallly, I can one but it convert only 10 sec. for me

    do you have any sugguesting for me in this case. the goal is play the file format in game that can play on every device(or at least allow me to select but I don't know how to do)

    thank you for any suggesting


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    I'm guessing you've found Ringtone Creator - the demo only converts 10 seconds, but if you pay for the full version it will do the job for you.

    There is no format that is universally supported on all devices, though all Nokias will play OTT files.


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