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    Angry no volume in 6600

    hi ppl,

    recently i've been trying desperately to play midi files decently on a 6600, it simply is not loud enuf, or atleast i an unable to make it loud enuf.

    i dont know if this is a problem with my code.. i've created a player in the standard way (with "audio/midi" for content type). I've also taken the player's VolumeControl and have set the volume to 100.

    to check the above thing, i actually tried playing the same midi using the phone's built-in player ("VoiceRecorder") still the volume was way too low to be heard.

    is there a cure for this problem. anyone with any insights ??? pls help.

    PS: however when i tried the same app on a n-gage, everything was fine (loud enough).


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    Hi big_Vj.. Welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion Boards!!

    IMHO Sound playback is based only on the “Warning tones” setting. MIDlet sounds are always played back when the “Warning tones” setting has been set to “ON.”
    If the Silent profile has been selected, normally no MIDlet sounds are played. However, if the “Warning tones” setting has been set to “ON” in the Silent profile, the sounds are played.

    The following controls are not supported for any content type:
    • FramePositioningControl
    • MIDIControl
    • PitchControl
    • RateControl
    • TempoControl
    Generally, 6600 has the problem of low volume compared to other phones.

    Plz refer Known Issues In The Nokia 6600 MIDP 2.0 Implementation v1.7
    in the link http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,,0...ml&fileID=7803

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    thanks mate, it worked. even though the volume is not very high, it audible now..


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