maybe someone of you has a solution/workaround for the following challenge? :-)

The method RMessage::WriteL() works only with a dedicated/proper size(buffer) in the clients address space (see SDK doc).

How can one handle to write back the proper length/size of data to the client if you don't know how much data you will expect in the server? I create server side objects whith a different size, those objects are marshalled on server side and after writing back to the clients address space, where on client side unmarshalled to the proper object.
How can I tell the client how "big" the object will be, before calling the WriteL(). I'm searching for a synchronized solution, that means I
can't send two messages for e.g. sending first the "length" and after that the marshalled object buffer.
Maybe it is possible to use a "shared" memory for the client process and server process?

Thanks for any suggestions.