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    bitmap is not load on the device

    Hi *;
    I wrote an application, that load a bitmap from an mbm file. It is located on this path:

    and it works fine in the emulator, but if I install the sis-file on my phone, the picture is not displayed. The mbm-file is in the path Siemens SX1\System\Apps\MyApp\BILD.mbm
    but the picture is not loaded.

    Does anybody knows, where the problem is?

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    have you checked the returned error value from the function that loads the image ? it should tell you what goes wrong.

    anyway,c:\\System\\Apps\\MyApp\\BILD.mbm and Siemens SX1\System\Apps\MyApp\BILD.mbm are not same paths, so maybe you should check that you are using the right one in right places.


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    Smile Re: bitmap is not load on the device

    Hi, I am facing a similar problem. My bitmap is correctly displayed on the emulator but on the handset(e71) it does not show. There are no load errors. I guess it has something to do with the format of bmp. My bitmap is 24bit and has been composed on GIMP. Can you send me a sample bmp file so that i can test ? Thanks

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