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    Automatically sending photo with metadata

    (apologies...i also posted this in the general forum)

    I'm a student researcher at Stanford working on a series 60 app but am new to mobile dev. We're basically trying to write an app for the 6600 which integrates with the phone's camera app. The ideal for us is when someone takes a cameraphone photo, the app would automatically add some metadata and send the photo to some server (or email address).

    How can this best be done? Also, is there a tutorial available somewhere about developing series 60 cameraphone apps or any other info you can point us towards?

    If what I described is not possible, then what's the closest we can get (e.g. something a bit less automatic but still accomplishes sending a photo to a server or email along with metadata)?

    Thanks very much for your help,

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    With Java you can not currently add metadata to jpeg images.

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