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    Getting started with MetroTRK

    I have recently received my copy of Metrowerks for Symbian ver 3.0

    My aim is to develop for the Sony Ericcson P800 and I would like to use the debug stub MetroTRK in order to be able to debug on the target.

    I have followed the instructions in the manuel supplied with Metrowerks to build the stub and the build process failed. In order to try and make some progress I have imported the projects into metrowerks and have got TRKEngine and MetroTrkApp to compile. I have packaged them up in a SIS file and installed this on the phone.

    When I run MetroTrk it loads up and provides its basic version 2.0 version number etc. It does not display any connection information (which from reading around I am expecting). When I change the phone connection to modem, try to stop the phone link program from using USB on COM3, and setup metrowerks to use COM3 for remote connection. The connect to P800 command fails.

    I have the following questions if anyone can help:

    1) Why aren't MetroTRK sis files supplied? Where can I get working MetroTRK sis files?

    2) Do I need to compile and include the driver projects in my SIS to get it to work with the P800? I couldn't get them to compile at all.

    3) Do I need to complete any further steps to successfully connect to the debugger stub from Metrowerks?


    Chris Box

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    I have sent you an email requesting some information that will allow me to help you more with this.

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    Re: Getting started with MetroTRK

    What the h*ll, why don't you Forum Nokia Experts post the info here so everyone could benefit from it? Not that I need it but I think this is the way public forums should work...

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