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    Performance difference between 6600-6630

    We develop a J2ME application with high performance consuming animations.
    Different frames (on the fullscreen of a GameCanvas) shrink and enlarge themselves depending on which is selected.
    Now, while running the same application on the 6630, we surprisingly encountered significant less smooth animations
    than on the 6600!
    As the processor performance of the 6630 should not be worse than of the 6600, we were very surprised about this behaviour.
    Does anybody have some suggestions what can be the reason for this problem?

    (For the 6600, we implemented a small floating-point library for some needed FP-operations in the animation-calculations.
    On the 6630 with the CLDC 1.1 capabilities, we tested also the direct use of the new floating-point support. But in both cases,
    the problem persist!)

    Any suggestion will be very much appreciated!

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    Are you using audio? That seems to impact J2ME performance on some models.

    The 6630 should be at least twice the speed of a 6600. Run TastePhone to check performance: http://www.club-java.com/TastePhone/MIDP.jsp

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