I have to port an application from 7.0s to 7.0 and I found some inconsistency using HTTP Client APIs in the two releases.

Il 7.0s I use this code to set the preferred IAP and mantainig it during a RHTTPSession:

// setting properties
TCommDbConnPref aConnPref;

// start the connection
err = iConnection.Start(aConnPref);


// Now I set the properties for RHTTPSession so that it could use always the same connection infos.

RSession iSession;
RHTTPConnectionInfo aConnInfo = iSession.ConnectionInfo();
RStringPool aPool = iSession.StringPool();
// Attach to socket server
THTTPHdrVal hdrHttpSockServ (aSockServ.Handle());
// Attach to connection
THTTPHdrVal hdrHttpSockConn (reinterpret_cast<TInt>(&aConnection));

// set the handles to use in that RHTTPSession


In facts 7.0 suggest to use RGenericAget to establish a connection, but I don't know how I can set the RHTTP Session to use always the same "Connection" (that doesn't exist no more as RConnection) and SocketServer.
Even more, in 7.0 RConnecion is not present and neither HTTP::EHttpSocketConnection nor HTTP::EHttpSocketServ.

So, can someone help me?
Can somebody tell me at least if it is possible to save those infos in 7.0 ?

Thanx a lot, guys!