I am fighting with S80 platform and lately i encountered such problem to my Form i am appending two DataFields and two commands (Accept and Back) when i view the form there are the dataFields but the commands aren't there (i mean on the right side of the Screen) i tried to use all the flags of command class but still nothing. The commands however are visible when i pres the menu button on the telephone keyboard. I think that this is a BUG so my question is is this will be covered in new firmware upgrade?? Perhaps i am doing something wrong adding commands (PLEASE HELP).

public class DateForm extends Form implements CommandListener{
    private midApp parent;
    private DateField dateFrom;
    private DateField dateTo;
    private StringItem strItem;
    private Displayable previous;
    private Command acceptCmd = new Command ("Accept",Command.OK, 0);
    private Command acceptCmd_ = new Command ("OK",Command.EXIT, 0);
    public DateForm (midApp parent_, Displayable previous_, String name_, String text_){
        super ("date");
        parent = parent_;
        previous = previous_;
        strItem =  new StringItem (name_,text_);
        dateFrom = new DateField ("Data od",DateField.DATE);
        dateFrom.setDate (new Date ());
        dateTo = new DateField ("Data do",DateField.DATE);
        dateTo.setDate (new Date ());
        this.append (new TextField ("","",10,0));
        this.append (strItem);
        this.append (dateFrom);
        this.append (dateTo);
        this.addCommand (acceptCmd);
        this.addCommand (acceptCmd_);
       this.setCommandListener (this);
    public void commandAction (Command cmd, Displayable ds){
        if ((cmd==acceptCmd)|| (cmd==acceptCmd_)){
        }else if (cmd==acceptCmd_) {
            parent.displaj.setCurrent (previous);