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    Please help with CIMD

    I'm having trouble finding information about this CIMD2 protocol (and SMSC ASE subscriber account.) I already have this account and I try to use that CIMD Java Example Application from forum nokia. When I try to run it, only thing that is displayed to the screen is: 51:001 3C. What does this mean? Should something else appear? I'm not able to receive any SMS messages with this example. Can somebody point out some good documents about this CIMD. E.g. from which document I could find out what this 51:001 3C means?


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    Re: Please help with CIMD

    Infosoft provides complete CIMD2 Simulation environment. The tools have been successfully implemented and tested on Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms. The CIMD2 Simulator supports all SMEs like:

    a) Send-Only,
    b) Quering and
    c) Receiving SMEs.

    The following operations are suported:
    a) Operations from SME (Short Message Entity) to MC (Message Center):
    1.. Login
    2.. Submit
    3.. Cancel
    4.. Enquire Message
    5.. Delivery request
    6.. Set
    7.. Get
    8.. Logout
    b) Operations from MC to SME: Deliver message and Deliver status report
    c) Common Operation (alive): Alive

    We provide complete CIMD2 Simulation environment, i.e.,

    a) CIMD2 Simulator (Server): Works as the message center for handling requests and response of CIMD type.
    b) CIMD2 User Interface (CIMD2 Client): It generates PDUs, sends to the server and receives the response from the server.
    c) CIMD2 supported WAP Client: It is used for receiving CIMD2 type messages (in addition to MMS)
    d) MMSC Simulator: We also provide MMSC Simulator that has the option of sending MMS to CIMD Server.


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