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    Unhappy CommConnection problem pls help

    I am facing a problem in pushing the com port to the push registry. My pushregistry attribute in the jad file is MIDlet-Push-1: comm:com0, TestReadMIDlet, * . The error it is showing is authorization failed in NOKIA 6620 phone. yes the application is not able to install.

    And while i am trying it through dynamic registration it is throwing ConnectionNotFoundException
    so folks pls help me.

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    If you check the documentation it tells that ConnectionNotFoundException means that PushRegistry is not supported for that communications mode.
    I have same problem with Bluetooth-connections, and have been trying to find some documentation telling which types are supported.
    Only demo code is for sms:// although documentation claims that bluetooh works too.
    Go figure!!!

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    Sorry, I can't delete my own message.

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