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    Remote Administration of Activ Server

    Hi, does anyone here know which ports is used when you administrate the Activ Server remotely?


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    RE: Remote Administration of Activ Server

    Hi Thomas,

    The NACS Manager and the NACS communicates using the RMI transport layer. RMI transport layer opens dynamic socket connections between the manager and the server to facilitate communication.

    The port number which is used for admin connection is defined in
    <NACS ibstallation folder>/config/CM_/default/ServerManager.config
    AdministrationPortNumber=<port number>

    By default it's
    so the default port is 1099.

    If 1099 is used by another application, 1199 port used, etc.

    Could you clarify, why did this question arise? Are you trying to administer NACS behind firewall?

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