Well I have worked with the rich text editor but there is a little problem when I try to display the rich text in the dialog. I am reading the internalised data of the rich text. Well the content of teh file does come complete it shows the whole text only when I press some key. I think it depends on teh present cursor position of the dialog and depending on it's position it displays text uptil the cursor position. and when a key is pressed there is an update in the cursor position and the whole text from the file is dispalyed.
Well I do not have a solution to this problem. Can you help me out. Thank you in advance.
I am attaching teh dialog resource I have used if it helps you to understand where the problem is.

RESOURCE DIALOG r_type_dialog
// Flag EEikDialogFlagWait means dialog's ExecuteLD() will not return before dialog exit
/// Without EEikDialogFlagModeless, the dialog automatically added/removed to the control stack
// However without that flag dialog distribute keys to its editor even if when the dialog is dimmed (i.e by a menu)
flags=EEikDialogFlagNoDrag | EEikDialogFlagNoTitleBar | EEikDialogFlagFillAppClientRect | EEikDialogFlagCbaButtons |EEikDialogFlagWait | EEikDialogFlagModeless;
// The main difference between globaltext editor and richtext editor
// that Richtext editor support embedding of pictures
// control=GTXTED
height=130;//208-44(spane)-13(label)-18(menu text) around 78
numlines=0; // Get text wrapped
itemflags = EEikEdwinAlwaysShowSelection | EEikEdwinUserSuppliedText | EEikRTedNoTextParsers ;
// To set the editor read only, uncomment the
/// following flag and remove the ';' after EEikRTedNoTextParsers
// | EEikDlgItemNonFocusing;
tooltip = "RichText";
control= LABEL { txt = " - Notepad Plus - "; };