Thank you symbianyucca for your quick reply ,one little thing you said that make a just make a small header where you identify the size of the following image packet for the sent messages
there a certain function that add a header to send message or you mean to insert the links of the data at thye beginning of the send buffer (Using TBTR8.Insert ?).
I currently put the size as constant & it work but now when calling the function to decode the descriptor I receive this error (app. Close MediaServer User 47) this occurs after calling OpenL() From CMdaImageDesc to BitMapUtility, what is causing this error????


Void ViewiTakieImageEngin :: DecodeDescToBitMap (HBufC8 ABuf) {
If iConvertState != EConvertStateRead
Return ;
TBuf16 <60> MsgSize;
MsgSize.Append(_L(“Parameter Buffer Links”));
IDesc.delete (o,IDesc.Length);

// Make Sure that buffer is empty before copy to it.


//IDesc is Set using .Set(HBufC8 * -> Des());

MsgSize.Append(_L(“ To decode desc Length “));

TMDABMP(ClipFormate clipformate);
TMDA24BppBmpCodec codec;
IDescToBitMap->OpenL( IDesc, & ClipFormate, &Codec, &Codec);
IConvertState =EConvertStateOpening;