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    Recognizer problem on 6600

    I have a recognizer working fine on 7610. But when I install the recognizer on Nokia 6600, the installer gives a problem saying
    App. closed AppArcServerThread. and then the handset hangs.
    I noticed that there is no recogs folder in the c:\system\ folder. So I manually created it usinf FileExplorer.
    Still the problem persists.
    My hadset hangs and I am not able to open any application.

    I have seen many post regarding the recognizer problem on Nokia 6600, but could not find any solution there.
    Has anyone been successful in writing a recognizer on Nokia 6600.
    Any help is highly appriciated.


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    check that you have the UID set correctly in app places, basically that it is assigned to you by symbian, and that it is only used by that one recognizer, and not by any other system. As well as that you have same UID in mmp file as well as in the cpp files.

    might not be the problem you are experiencing, but reinstalling recognizers with UID mismatches, will cause hanging as well.


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    I have cross checked my UIDs. All are unique and the ones provided by symbian.
    Well, I always hard reset the handset before reinstalling my recognizer.

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    Re: Recognizer problem on 6600

    This is an irritating problem and here are a few of the things I have found:

    1) the recognizer name must be less than 15 characters otherwise you will get the AppArcThread death thing which disables the phone!
    2) you'll need to wait 30 seconds or so for the app layer to come up so put a delay timer in your StartAppThreadFunctionL()
    3) in cmdLine->SetLibraryNameL set the explicit filename rather than the findFile stuff
    4) there may be a limit on the app file size you can launch so if nothing works try creating an intermediary .exe which in itself launches the .app

    it works on firmwareV4.09.1
    I'll test on 3.42.


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