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    On forum.nokia I found this form nokia unanswerded thread:

    There is mentioned, that 3rdPartyTelephony is missing on Nokia 6600 which uses Symbian 7.0.
    The older gsmbas is in this version depraciated and to establishing calls and - what my aim is - getting the cell Id you have to use the 3rdPartyTelephony. I'm programming for Symbian 8.0 i.e. Nokia 6630 and the app doesn't run on the phone. Knows somebody something about this and is there a firmware-update available? Is there an other way to get the cell-id?
    Please answer me!
    Thanx, Jan

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    Check whether ur phone got that DLL..

    U need this dll to be in, in order to execute ur program. If not, ur program will exit immediately.

    Can someone pls post Etel3rdparty.dll if they got that on their phone?
    We can put Etel3rdparty.dll on c:\system\libs\ to test our program

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    Dear forum nokia delevopers,

    why is it possible to get a Nokia-Phone, which is official working with Symbian OS 8.0 and now, I can't use neither the properities of 8.0 (and 7.0) nor those of 6.1. Isn't there any way to solve this problem, perhaps by offering the 3rdPartyTelephony.dll on the web-page? This would be a logical consequence of our mistake.

    Best regards,


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    the etelmm.h stuff works well in OS 8.0 phones as well (at least in my 6680).

    haven't tried building anything using the etelmm stuff in SDK for OS 8.0, So if you can not build them with right SDK. Put the stuff in DLL and build it with SDK 2.1, then it at least should work.


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    Hi symbianyucca

    can you post or email me a snipe of code, how using the etelmm.h to get the cellid?
    I would be very thankfull

    Greetz, Conni

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    Re: 3rdPartyTelephony

    i also want to write an application which get the cell id.

    but i have some problems now.

    i recently found the files etelmm.h etelmm.lib.
    but i dont know exactly where to insert this files.

    i use SDK S60_2nd_FP2 with VC6 . (for nokia 6630,6680,N70)

    I've included etelmm.h, inserted etelmm.lib in the mmp file.
    further i copied etelmm.lib to epoc32\release\armi\urel, \thumb\urel and

    now, if i compile it i receive this error:

    NMAKE : fatal error U1073: don't know how to make '"\Symbian\8.0a\S60_2nd_FP2\EPOC32\RELEASE\WINS\UDEB\ETELMM.LIB"'

    can anyone post a little instruction.
    what could be the problem? please help

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