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    greetings from india!

    hey all!

    greetings from india!

    i m intrsted in developing an app for s60...core functionality in a nutshell explained w/ a simple example:

    - allows user to record a video clip...for e.g. a person running
    - then places the recorded clip on top of a pre-recorded clip of another person running by reducing the 1st clips opacity so as to allow both the clips to be seen
    - determine if the runner in the pre-recorded clip has a bigger step or the person in the recorded clip
    - display the result

    certain customisations:
    - a custom screen when the video recorder app opens up
    - the custom screen wud display the outline on a human body
    - this wud indicate the distance of the phone at which the clip must be recorded
    = the idea is to ensure that the person in the recorded clip roughly matches the height of the person in the pre-recorded clip so as to ensure a better estimation at the step length (i know, i know...but it needn't b exact: )

    how do i go abt doin this? I am familiar with c, c++ & basic java...i m learing j2me nowadays...however, i wanna do this as a pure synbian app...a SIS file...

    wud gr8ly appreciate advise on how to get going...books, sdks, online tutorials...

    lk fwd...cheers!

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    No tutorials or sample apps for exactly what you want to do, so for books start with


    Download SDKs and related documentation and code examples from http://forum.nokia.com/

    Symbian developer info: http://www.symbian.com/developer

    See also, besides this discussion forum, also sites such as these:

    See also the NNTP newsgroups at news://publicnews.symbiandevnet.com

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