Can anyone give me any information on why the DRMCommon class is not fully implemented in Symbian 8.0 ?

I tried the following the API functions (these are off the top of my head, so some functions may have slightly different names):

Connect : always returns EOk (I don't know if it does anything)
GetVersion : returns some believable values.
GetServerVersion : returns some believable values.
GetFileInfo : returns with EOk but the content type is always set to ENoDCFFile. No matter what kind of file is there. (Even if I deliberately set it to a non-existent file!!)
GetContentInfo : same as GetFileInfo
GetDataCount (?) : ENotSupported
GetStaticDataCount (?) : ENotSupported
GetSupportedDataTypes (?) : None/ENotSupported

Anyone have any info on this API or how someone can work with DRM?

Many thanks.