Dear Sirs,
I installed PCSuite 6.5.12 on my notebook.
I use Nokia 6230, fw 5.26.
I can use two types of connections, BT or Infraport.
Software - Windows XP Home SP2, BT driver - Microsoft.
Connection to Internet works perfect, downloading files from phone to PC works well too. But if I want to upload for example picture to phone via PhoneBrowser, I can upload only one file. While uploading second file, I get "PhoneBrowser: Operation Cannot Be Completed" error window. Then I have to restart computer and I can upload one file again, restart, one file, etc. Also I can upload another one file if I shut down VFSWrapper.exe process. I tried all, reinstallation of PCSuite, Nokia Registry Cleaner 2.1, deleting all PCSuite user files.
Please help.