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    How to decrease the size of animations by changing the source images?

    I am making animated wallpapers for one of my customers MediaPlazza. They want animated wallpapers according to their specifications. I need to reduce the size of the animations to fullfill some of their demands for filesize and dimension. I only need to decrease the file size with some %. I am working with Jasc Paint Shop Pro, but whatever I do to adjust the source images, like add blur, the file size of the animation doesn't become smaller.

    I have converted the JPG-source images to gifs and reduced the color depth to only 16 colors, but the gif-animation still doesn't get smaller. What can I do with the source images to get a smaller gif-animation?

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    Well, for one thing, don't start with .jpg's as source for animated gifs. I'd recommend the .png format. Second, look into the gif format and what it can and can't compress. Jpeg artefacts make the animated gif bigger and so does blurring the images. Third, use a specialized tool to reduce the size of the animated gif. Imageready also does fine.

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