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    Build with Netbeans

    I have built a simple Connect 4 application using J2ME Wireless Toolkit. I can build a jar and transfer it to my Nokia 3200 to play.
    I now want to add some sounds to it. I am trying to use Netbeans with libraries from the 7210 SDK. This works in that I can build a jar, and run it on my PC in the SDK and I can even here the beeps.
    However, when I transfer it to my Nokia 3200, it says Invalid File, and won't run.
    Can anyone help me out? I believe I may need a jar library for my phone. Can you tell me where I get this from, and where I need to put it in my Netbeans set up.


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    1. download and install NetBeans 4.1 + Mobility Pack:
    2. download and install 3300 SDK (recommended for 3200)
    3. follow the guide in Lukas blog:

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