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    Unhappy Custom List doesn't view all list items...

    Guys, i have Symbian OS (Nokia 7610) and I'm trying Custom Item (UI component) that views list of records (in rows). All existing rows are normally displayed on Nok 6230, and on both 6230 and 7610 simulators but on real phone 7610 there is allways only 1 (first) row.

    Is there anyone that may is able to help me?

    Custom Item source code: http://developer.sun.com/techtopics/...stomcomponent/



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    The same happens with 6600. Emulators (sun + nokia) show everything fine, but the real phone shows only the first row.

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    it would help if we had portions of your source code rather than from an online tutorial.

    But it is odd though. I never came across that bug. I've used customItem and tested it on 7610 device but had no such problems up to now.. I only had problems with values from the visRect_inout array everytime it repainted.

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