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    CodeWarrior does not import rss file

    I am using CodeWarrior, with series 60 SDK for 2nd Edition FP 3 beta. I tried to run the HelloWorld example in the SDK. I imported the HelloWorld.mmp, compiled the source codes and ran it on the emulator.

    It seemed to work fine, the "helloworld" message was displayed. However, I found that the option menu, that should have been implemented in the example, could not be opened by pressing the left-confirm phone-button. Then I found that the HelloWorld.rss file (that's the file which defines the option menu, right?) was not imported into CodeWarrior. I tried to manually import this single file, but it makes no difference. Is there any tricks I missed to import a project??
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    What example did you compile?
    Did you compile helloworld example under the examples directory or helloworldbasic from Series60Ex directory?

    If you compiled the helloworld from examples directory, it does not work correctly in the SDK. That example is for the Techview. Anyway, when you launch that example you can get the menu by pressing F1 button. The example probalbly crashes after the menu appears.

    I recomend that you use examples under the Series60Ex directory. Those examples are for the SDK.

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    Also, resource files such as .rss file are added to a .resources file which is added to the CW project. The .resources file is created by the SDK when you import the MMP file into CW. So you can't just add .rss files to the project, they will be ignored.


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