Hi! I have the following method to connect to my server, the problem is that I want to make automatic, that is to say I every 15 seconds (for example) will try to connect, if I can it will send a file but I can´t ( out of coverage) I will turn to try after other 15 seconds, this way indefinitely it. I have been looking at the API and the function connect of Rsocket " void Connect (TSockAddr and anAddr, TRequestStatus and aStatus); " it does not have control of mistakes to know if it has removed I finish or not the connection. I can´t do like to know if the connection is realized correctly or not.Help!!
Thanks in advanced

void Client::ConectarL()

User::LeaveIfError(iSendingSocket.Open(iSocketServer, KStrRFCOMM));

TBTSockAddr address;

iSendingSocket.Connect(address, iStatus);

#ifdef __WINS__
User::After(1); // Fix to allow emulator client to connect to server