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    Question Send pictures from memory to webserver


    at first, excuse my bad english. I am a student and we got the following task:

    "Write a java midlet for midp 2.0 that can send pictures from internal memory to an webserver via http." - My part is the selection of the pictures which should be send to the server.

    Now my question. I have read that it is not possible to get an access to the picture stored in memory. Am I right, or is there any solution for this? All the examples I have found grab the pics directly from the cam, but this is not the way we wont to do it.

    Thanks for your answers.


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    In general, MIDP Java MIDlets do not have access to the phone's file system.

    For phones with JSR-75 support (http://www.jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=75) there are some things possible.

    Not many phones with JSR-75 support out yet. The 6630 and 6680 are such, but I don't know how well/broadly they support JSR-75.

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    ok, thank you for your fast answer. but i have still some questions.

    for this projekt it is not so important, if there are mobile devices on the market, which support this feature, because this should be a future application.
    i have read, that the wireless toolkit 2.2 has support for the jsr75 spec, am i right? so it should be able to program a midlet witch have access to pim or filesystem? is this correct? can i test this new application with netbeans and its emulator?

    thank you, carsten

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