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    What do you think about release 1.1 features?

    I know, I know. It's not released yet.
    My only choice is to wait patiently.. right?
    No, because I saw a presentation at python
    UK conference.
    Now we have something to talk about!

    So, let's discuss the features mentioned.
    What do you think about them?
    The following new Python modules are included in this release:
    * sysinfo module
    * camera module
    * calendar module
    * contacts module (very hard to design)

    The following extensions to Python modules have been included:
    * appuifw module
    * Application() type has a new screen attribute
    * Text() type has new attributes: color, font, hlcolor, and style

    New module level function available_fonts()
    The following standard Python library modules are now also supported:
    * zipfile
    The canvas is exciting to me.

    * line((x1,y1),(x2,y2),(r,g,b))
    * rectfill((x1,y1),(x2,y2),(r,g,b))
    * clear([(r,g,b)])
    * text((x,y),unicode,(r,g,b))
    * bind(event_code, callable)

    * draw (read/write) is called when refreshing the display is needed with parameters: (Canvas,((x1,y1),(x2,y2)))
    * resize (read/write) is called when the canvas is resized with Canvas as parameter
    Let's speculate from this summary.

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    Let me speculate about it in order.

    * sysinfo
    must contain code for things like EMIE, BT address, BT name, disk space, etc. pretty useful.

    * camera
    Hope it's better than what miso provide (too primitive)

    * calendar
    Now I can set reminder to myself at any specific time. Great module, thanks!
    It would be even better if I can choose which alarm sound to use.

    * contact
    I believe it's really difficult to design. If you see my hack,
    you will notice that the database schema is quite difficult to work with and to model it.
    One default email? many phone numbers? home number? Oh.. so messy.

    * appuifw
    New screen attribute? Does that mean it allow full screen? If so, great!
    Text attribute? Does it mean all texts are the same or do diffrent styles is show together.
    I fear it will be the former. How long do I need to wait for a richer text element?
    Is Thai font supported.. Ok I know it isn't. I would find some hack
    based on Canvas rendering.

    * zipfile
    Great! How about gz and bz2? How about zipimport?

    * Canvas
    line, rect and text is essensial.
    How about circle and bezier curve?
    Does it allow image there?
    Have you look at PIL ?

    Great work! Thanks

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    When is version 1.1 going to be released?

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