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    [M3G]Sprite3D's Bug??!!

    Hi all, I am developing a M3G game, the Sprite3D is too hateful~ I created a Sprite3D by code, in S65 emulator it can be displayed but can't work correctly,;but when I copyed the app into the phone the Sprite3D can't be displayed. I used Sprite3D.isRenderingEnabled() method, the result is false. Here is the code to create Sprite3D

    private void createEnemy()
    imgEnemy = new Image2D(Image2D.RGB,Image.createImage("/enemy.png"));
    appEnemy = new Appearance();
    matEnemy = new Material();
    sprEnemy = new Sprite3D(false,imgEnemy,appEnemy);
    sprEnemy.getTranslation(wxyz); //return {0.0f,0.0f,0.0f}
    isRB = sprEnemy.isRenderingEnabled())? 1:0; //return false
    }catch(Exception e){
    System.out.println("Create Enemy Error!");

    Then I tried to create Sprite in 3DMax, but both in emulator and phone it can't initialize.

    That's a bug? And who can post up some example code about how to use Sprite3D?

    Thanks a lot.
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