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    "Use Memory Size Simulation" in the Nokia 12 IMP 1.0 Concept Simulator

    Good morning everybody.
    I have just recently started developing for the Nokia 12 although I have plenty of experience developing regular MIDP-applications. I am a little puzzled regarding the option to "Use Memory Size Limitation" in the Nokia 12 IMP 1.0 Concept Simulator. Common sense tells me to enter the amount of RAM available for the particular hardware I am targeting, but even for the most miniscule application it still hits the roof unless I enter a RAM size of something like 2 MB or larger.

    Is anyone aware of the correct procedure in operating this setting, and what to expect from it?

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    N12 physically have 256Mb available for IMLet. In simulator you most not limit mem size for application, this is only for stress simulation. Simulator itself knows available for app memory.
    In fact, simulator is very buggy product - for real development Testboard and N12 is a requierement.

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