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    How to add zipcode to contactItem manually?

    Hi guys!!

    How can i add postal code to contact database?

    CPbkContactItem* contactItem = iPbkContactEngine-> CreateEmptyContactL();
    CleanupStack::PushL( contactItem );
    TPbkContactItemField* zipcode = contactItem->FindField( EPbkFieldIdPostalCode ); // it returns NULL
    zipcode->TextStorage()->SetTextL( aZipcode ); //zipcode
    TContactItemId contactId = iPbkContactEngine-> AddNewContactL(*contactItem);
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy( contactItem );

    Above code crashes with KERN-EXEC 3 error. It doesnt find postal-code related field and hence returns NULL. Why it is not able to fing PostalCode field. And is there any other way to add postal code?

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    Re: How to add zipcode to contactItem manually?

    how did you solved your problem, now days i am also facing the same problem of adding fields other than default , manually and finding the same result..
    please help me ..

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