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    Question Deployment problem

    When I try to deploy a program on my Nokia 6600 with the blutooth and PCSuit the following message appears:
    One or more arguments are not correct.

    I'm using Borland Mobile Studio 2.5 to develop the application.
    I tried to build the application with the j2mewtk and with the Nokia Developer Tools bundled with BMS but in both cases I had the same result.
    I created the JAD and JAR files and I signed the JAD file.

    Did I do something wrong?

    Tanks, Carlo

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    Hi Carlo welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!

    plz check ur JAD/MF entries....

    IMHO there are several know bugs (some with signed midlets too) So plz check the 6600 known issues doc in the link.

    Hope this helps!


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