I converted a MP3 file to both AMR and AWB files using Nokia Multimedia Converter 2.0.
I uploaded both files to the WebServer plus a WAPpage with links to them.
I accessed the WAPpage via a S40 phone but when I click on the link, I get a “file not found” error, instead of downloading the files as it is supposed to do.
It works fine when the server is the localhost with IIS and the client is a PC desktop with IE 60.
I tried to open the files from the WebServer using a FTP program from the PC desktop and the downloading process started but when the Nokia Multimedia Player 1.1 was loaded to play the AMR or AWB files, the same “file not found error” occurred and nothing played.
I intend to convert files to S40 available formats, but them on the webserver to be downloaded from S40 cell phones clients in order to play them.

Please, what is happening and what should I do ?


Paulo Jericó