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    Change brightness or saturation of an image


    is there a free library available to manipulate a bitmap (brighntess, saturation)?

    Or what is an easy way to do this?


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    Fortunately you didn't ask for the Hue-value. That isn't such as easy as Brightness & Saturation.
    For Brightness (v) you only have to get the maximum of rgb. So u compare theses three values and the maximum is v.
    For saturation u also need the minimum of rgb.
    The this algorithm:
    if(v != 0) s = ((max-min)/max)*255;
    else s = 0;

    As u can see both (max & min) have to be float-variables.
    But when u tell, for what you need these values, maybe I can help you better.

    Best regards

    Maybe somebody can help me with my problems?
    Watch out for cameraproblems.

    p.s.: To get the rgb:
    Make a handle on your picture, get the pixel and the use
    TInt r = pixel->Red();
    TInt g = pixel->Green();
    TInt b = pixel->Blue();

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