Can't Install Games, 6230 - "space not known?!?!?"

I am trying to install games into my 6230 since i bought it!

First the problem was the driver my bluetooth was using, second the error message i was getting was in portuguese... (Yes, I am Brazilian), then i uninstalled the pc suite and reinstalled a english one, 6.5. Did not work and worse, it was locking my computer.

Now i downgraded it to the 6.41.6, it works fine, but when i try to install a game i get the message: Available space on phone not known. Wich by the way makes the portugese version RIDICULOUS!!!! The translated message has nothing to do with the original one!!!!!

The thing is, i have games ranging from 17kb to 41kb, 2,2 MB of Free memory on the PHONE, 196kb with installed games and 267kb with aplications!

There is more than free space to install like, 5 games and it says it cant find or see the space???

Please some one help me! What am i doing wrong?

I thank anyone who can help me.