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Thread: Gray image

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    Gray image

    Hello *,

    here is my code: I load a colored image from a mbm file and want to display its grayscale, but it does not work, even when I set all points per hand (like TRgb(128,128,128).Value()), the a green pic is drawn.

    void CCamTimerFormView::GrayScale()
    TBitmapUtil bitmapUtil(iContainer->iBitmap1);
    TInt iX = 0,iY = 0;
    TPoint pos(iX, iY);
    TInt cVal;
    TUint32 image_pixel;

    TSize BmpSize =iContainer->iBitmap1->SizeInPixels();

    bitmapUtil.Begin(TPoint(0, 0));

    for (iY = 0; iY < BmpSize.iHeight; iY++) {
    for (iX = 0; iX<BmpSize.iWidth; iX++){

    image_pixel= bitmapUtil.GetPixel();
    TRgb* rgb = new TRgb(image_pixel);

    TInt gray = rgb->Gray256();


    delete rgb;


    Can anybody help me?
    Thanks a lot.


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    I give a new hint, perhaps then somebody can help me.

    START BITMAP bild.mbm
    TARGETPATH ..\..\..\..\wins\c\system\apps\camtimer
    SOURCEPATH ..\bitmaps
    SOURCE c12 bmp1.bmp

    and if I debug my source with a white image, than the blue value is 0, and not 255. Perhaps I have to set a different c-value, but I don`t understand how that really works.


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    Hi Manu,
    the use of your method rgb->Gray256() is for converting a grayscale-value into a rgb-value. Besides the return-value of that method is a RGB-type, but not a TInt-type.
    To my mind the getting of the gray-value isn't that good idea, because you will also receive an 32-bit-value, but you want to get a lower-value (TInt8?).
    So my suggestion is to get every single value of rgb (Red(), Green(), Blue()) and getting the maximum (value in the hsv-model). I think, that would be a good value for processing. You only have to convert a TInt32 into a TInt8.
    And please read my e-mails!!

    greetings Christian

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