Hi all,
We are working on an automatic IAP Selector to bypass the selection dialog for HTTP connections. Using the CommDB Tables, Views, etc. .. we access the IAP Ids and use the same to connect. All works fine till then.
We are using RGenericAgent on Symbian 6.1 and RConnection on Symbian 7.0s. Both seem to show the same behaviour. If the Access Points are completed deleted and then the settings are retrieved again from the Operator ... or a new access point is created .. the connection code keeps failing (Symbian 6.1 - The connection is not even attempted & on Symbian 7.0s the popup dialog starts appearing during the call to RConnection::Start()). The weird bit is that if I keep pressing Cancel for the pop-up dialog; it does eventually find the working IAP and connect to it. So, the RConnection code is working as required but it seems some setting in the CommDB now makes the popup appear everytime!!
My query is whether the CommDB Ids etc, get corrupted when all settings are deleted? Has anyone else had the same experience?
Could anyone please shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance!