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    Help: from .CPP to .SIS

    I'm new to Visual C++ and symbian developpment.
    - I've installed "Microsoft Visual C++" and then "Series 60 SDK v0.9 for Symbian OS"
    - (Sisar doesn't work on my w2k and NT pc)
    My question is easy:

    If I write an application in C++ (myapp.cpp), could you give me step-by-step instructions on how to create the .sis file (from myapp.cpp) which I will install on the 7650 mobile phone and in the emulator?

    I've already searched into documentation and into this developer discussion board.
    Thanks for helping me,

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    RE: Help: from .CPP to .SIS

    Hi Luigi,

    you dont need .SIS file for your emulator ! - only for the installation process to your device. Just compile your code and launch the emulator.

    For the .SIS file: look at the documentation:
    Symbian OS v6.1 Edition for C++ --> Tools And Utilities --> Installation Guide --> "How to create a simple installation file"
    1. create huuhaa.pkg file
    2. run "makesis huuhaa.pkg"
    => huuhaa.SIS will be created

    sorry, cant make it easier.
    - Marko

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