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    Need some help with my new 3230

    Hi, I have a few questions:

    1. Can I upgrade to Symbian 8.0. And is it worthwhile to do so?

    2. How do I change the labels of icons. I have them displayed in list view (as opposed to grid view) and I would like to add numbers in front of each label, as the number keys will take you directly to the corresponding item ie. if you press 3, it will activate the 3rd item down...except right now they have no numbers in front of them so it's a bit of a guessing game once you get beyond the first three or so! I think it's much quicker to do it this way than by using the joystick and navigating down, down, down, down, ...

    3. Can I remove the annoying beep before the ring? It used to vibrate, then ring. I got rid of the vibrate, but now it beeps and then rings. I just want it to ring! Surely this is possible?

    4. Really critical--
    I want to change the way it searches the address book. Is this possible?

    What I mean is, if I want the name Vasili, then when I press 8, I want it to retrieve all the address book entries corresponding to T and U and V. Then if I press 2, it should give me all the Ta and Tb and Tc and Ua and Ub and Uc and Va and Vb all Vc entries in my phonebook. Sounds cumbersome, but this is very efficient and quick. With the Nokia 3230, you would have to press 8, 8, 8 (cycle through T, U, then get to V), wait for the cursor to advance, press 2 (for A), wait for the cursor to advance, then press 7, 7, 7, 7 (go through P, Q, R and then get to S), and then I would have to scroll through the list of matches to get to the Vasili entry. That's 7 keypresses plus 2 pauses plus scrolling through the matching list...obviously far more time consuming.

    So, I want to search the address book in "matching all combinations" mode instead of in "spell it out by specifying the letter and then match " mode--if this is not available out of the box, is there anyplace I can download software to do this? I think this is critical to being able to use the phone effectively.

    5. Finally, is there any software out there that will allow me to set all my configurations and define the menu trees, icons, colours, background images, etc., this on a PC and then just transfer the settings to the phone?

    6. How do I find the firmware revision number for my phone?

    Thank you!

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    Hi I cant answer all your questions but maybe it helps anyway;

    1. The phone will always have the same Symbian OS regardless of how new or old firmware is put on it. If you upgrade the firmware neither the Symbian operating system or the Series 60 software will be upgraded to anything newer than what was on the original firmware.

    3. The beep before the ringing is a feature in the software. Is what put in to prevent high exposure of the sound level in the ringing tone. I have heard that Nokia are thinking of to reduce the sound level of the beep in future softwares.

    5. The "Themes Studio" allows you to create themes and set background colors etc. At least I haven´t heard of any application that allows you to change how the menus are looking. I´m not sure it´s even possible. "Themes Studio" can be found here on Forum Nokia (I´m not 100 % sure that the application supports 3230 so maybe you need to check that yourself).

    6. In all Nokia devices press *#0000# to see the version of the firmware.

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    Hi, thanks for your replies. I actually returned my phone early last week and went back to the same model of Windows Smartphone that I had before. The camera is not megapixel in that, and the battery does not last nearly as long, but in every other way it is much, much better. I never thought I'd say that about Microsoft, but their software makes using the phone far more intuitive and much more efficient.

    Some of the things that really made me mad about the Nokia phone (in comparison to the Windows machine):

    Navigation was cumbersome--getting to anything took forever and it was not intuitive
    First keypress just "wakes" the phone and does not register as a key press
    The beep before ringing
    Searching for names in the directory was inefficient.
    The call logs were terrible.
    The caller ID did not work well.
    The overall design of the unit was bad
    Dust got in under the screen!
    The pop-port nonsense
    Mono sound MP3s
    Bad speakerphone
    Nokia suite software stopped working after 1 day
    Couldn't figure out how to download and install cool utilities
    Too many Nokia "fanatics" who insist that it's a good unit and refuse to listen to what's wrong with it--it's not a cheap phone and I don't expect to be patronized

    There were many other reasons, but these are the ones I remember. It's a fading bad memory. I am happy with my cool iMate sp3i Windows Smartphone again, though I wish it had a better camera.

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    movie director stalls

    Hi there, i am having this problem with the movie director program in my 3230, whenever i try to view my edited pic it stalls. i had the same problem in my 7610 any help?

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