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    Building the BSP thru Codewarrior

    Hello All,
    I am new to codewarrior. I have developed the symbian platform for a phone(I am working for a company manufacturing phones based on symbian). I have done it thru the inf file and now i understand that i need mmp files.
    1. Can i make a project using a lot of mmp files?
    2. How can i build my bsp (I have devkit and OEM version of Codewarrior)
    Thank you

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    1. I'm not sure what you mean by asking if you can make a project using a lot of mmp files. Each mmp file can be individually imported and a CodeWarrior project will be created for each. You can include multiple CodeWarrior subprojects or targets inside a project, so if you have, for example, a few DLLs and an app that calls them you can add all of these to a single project.

    2. I would recommend starting by going through the information in the CodeWarrior for Symbian OS manual, particularly the section on kernel debugging. There is a walkthrough there showing how to debug kernel and boot-loaded device drivers, and another example showing how to do bare board start-up.


    Matt Pinsonneault
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