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Thread: nokia 3650

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    nokia 3650

    I have finally found some time to play around with j2me with
    my nokia 3650. Here is the problem, when I create
    and application (HelloWorld) and compile it with WTK
    and bluetooth it to my phone there is no problems..

    However, I generally like to use the command line. First
    I downloaded the .zip containing all the nokia classes

    Then compiled it, with

    javac -d tmp/ -classpath j2me-debug.zip hello.java
    preverify -d hello\ -classpath j2me-debug.zip tmp/

    running it in the emulator is no problem.
    Then i make a manifest file and a jar file
    and create it with
    jar -cmf hello.jar hello.class
    and finally a hello.jad file.

    When I bluetooth it to my nokia it refuses to install.
    I realize that I could have made an error when writing the
    mainfest file. However, when I replace the mainfest file
    and the .jad files created by WTK (changing the jad file size of
    course) compile the applcation replacing j2me-debug.zip
    with midpapi10.jar;cldcapi10.jar the application
    still won't install on my phone.

    Anybody understand what I am doing wrong? Or had a simillar

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    should not matter...

    I don't think that is the problem...

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