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    panic note

    hy all,

    i am creating a list dinamically .. and i create a CDedCArray where i put some descriptors filled with names of files from a drive ... when i scan c drive or d drive for files the listbox is shown corestlly but when i try to get files from Z: (ROM) drive , after enumarating a few files i get a panic note like PANIC NOTE USER 11 and app closes.

    note that i am not trying to open or write to rom files ... i am just enumerating files from rom but using CDirSCan and what to see the file names... olso when i enumerate files from ROM drive and put the file names in a text editor the enumaration works just fine ...

    what is the problem with the panic note?


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    SDK help says: "This panic is raised when any operation that moves or copies data to a 16 bit variant descriptor, causes the length of that descriptor to exceed its maximum length. It may be caused by any of the copying, appending or formatting member functions and, specifically, by the Insert(), Replace(), Fill(), Fillz() and ZeroTerminate() descriptor member functions. It can also be caused by the SetLength() function. See TDes16."

    So check your descriptors, and make sure they are long enough.


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    i have a TBuf<n> descriptor that wasn't long enough...
    thanks for support

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