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    Question Non-English Font Display Problem In Prototype SDK Emulator

    Hello, I have encountered the following problem while developing an application using Nokia Prototype SDK Emulator:
    I have to display some greek text on screen and I do this using (in Canvas) Graphics.drawString() method. The problem is that when I run the emulator, the characters are not displayed properly, in place of greek characters appear some other "artifacts"
    The good thing is that when I install the midlet on my Nokia 7610 for testing(which supports greek language) all characters are displayed just fine.
    The point is that it's not usefull for developing to make this everytime I want to test my application, that's why we use emulators!!

    Is there anyone who knows how to make the emulator display non-english fonts?
    Thank you..

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    Re: Non-English Font Display Problem In Prototype SDK Emulator

    Dear sir,

    I am also working on the same project. sir Please guide me how to make dat file. Actually i have doc file of Text which is in non english font. now i want to make dat file. Please guide me sir.

    Thanks and regards,

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