I'm new to the Symbian platform (although I've been writing C since 1982). I just upgraded my mobile from a Motorola T190 to a Nokia 3230 so I'm looking at Series 60.

According to Nokia I can use Visual Studio, CodeWarrior, and Borland C++ Mobile Edition. (I have VS .Net already. I also have C++ Builder 5 and CodeWarrior on the Mac, too.)

Nokia's "Series 60 Developer Platform 1.0/2.0: Choosing An IDE" pdf file (Series_60_Developer_Platform_Choosing_An_IDE_v1_0 _2_0_en.pdf) is dated April 2004. That's a long time ago. That was before Nokia purchased the Symbian compiler from Metrowerks. Is all the information in it still applicable?

What are the current advantages and disadvantages between the three IDEs?